Jun 02

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a digital leader in beauty retail, today unveiled SEPHORA Innovation Lab, which will encompass both a physical space in San Francisco, as well as programs that foster the culture of innovation development and deployment along with grooming SEPHORA’s next generation of digital leaders.”Innovation has always been in our DNA,” said Calvin McDonald, President and CEO for SEPHORA Americas. “We disrupted beauty by being the first to offer clients access to premium beauty out from behind the department store make-up counters, and we want to keep that spirit and bold tenacity alive. The new Lab will tap the collective creativity of our 14,000 employees nationwide, grow the next generation of leaders, and elevate Sephora’s digital future.”

The Innovation Lab is a space in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco where the team can ideate, test, dream, experiment and learn. As new ideas surface, the Lab team will be responsible for sourcing, developing, evaluating, testing and eventually launching new offerings and technologies for shopping in the store and on-the-go. SEPHORA has teamed with Google, Apple and others in the past, and plans to evaluate additional strategic alliances in the future, through the Lab program.

Through its “Think Tank” program, SEPHORA Innovation Lab will groom the next generation of leaders, who will be developing the “next big idea” in retail. The Think Tank team meets monthly and works to solve for the way we shop five years from now. The Lab will also oversee “Idea Central,” a program which seeks to source and deliver on ideas from employees nationwide – regardless of rank or function within the company.”We’re completely focused on making shopping more efficient, intelligent and fun for our clients,” said Julie Bornstein, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for SEPHORA. “We spend a lot of time walking in the shoes of our clients as inspiration for dreaming up new technologies and partnering with technology companies in the Bay Area to develop innovative solutions for new ways to shop.”