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Every Monday through Friday at Noon (Eastern Daylight Time), OverwhelmingOffers.com posts one extraordinary offer from Next Jump’s more than 28,000 well-known retail and brand partners. However, on occasion, OverwhelmingOffers.com will surprise shoppers with “Super OO Days” where multiple offers are featured, such as 11 OOs this past November 11. Next Jump is planning many more Super OO Days in November and December. Shoppers can get a hint as to the day’s OO – such as “Mii+Mii=…” (Answer: Wii) – or they can sign up to get a sneak peek in advance via a daily email.

To make it easier for consumers to take advantage of Overwhelming Offers when they are away from their computers, OverwhelmingOffers also announced today that it has launched a new version of its mobile application for BlackBerry smart phones, with iPhone and Android apps coming soon. These apps will allow shoppers to browse daily offers, reserve products they wish to buy, and purchase them directly from their phones.

Consumers are wild about OverwhelmingOffers, too. Here are comments that several satisfied mobile and web shoppers have posted to the site and BlackBerry App World:”Love, Love, Love them! Just bought my nieces a Wii for $100 for their Christmas present. Thanks for helping me save in these tough economic times!” – Amber”I love the Overwhelming Offers site and I particularly love the deep discounts. The suspense of waiting for the reserve button to come alive is just pure exciting. It’s a race to beat out thousands of other competitive shoppers. The hint to the next day’s OO is also fun to figure out. You guys do a great job.” – Peter “The holiday shopping season is the perfect time to use OverwhelmingOffers.com, as consumers will not find better deals anywhere on all the gifts and merchandise for their families and friends,” said Charlie Kim, CEO of Next Jump. “With more than 100 million members, Next Jump wields tremendous buying power and can negotiate the best deals available for consumers. With so many people looking to save money – this year more than ever – our OverwhelmingOffers.com site is the ideal destination to find top-notch merchandise from trusted brands at a deep discount.”