Abr 21

Uggs comprar online

EW YORK, Nov. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — UGG® Australia (UGG) has re-launched its online consumer counterfeit education section with a specially created “Ensure Authenticity” link http://counterfeit.uggaustralia.com/ to emphasize the importance of buying genuine UGG Australia products from authorized retailers this holiday season.UGG is committed to protecting shoppers from counterfeit UGG products that are being sold as genuine. Many consumers may not know the inhumane and negative implications the $600 billion dollar counterfeit industry has on the economy, environment and their own health. Every day, UGG works with worldwide customs authorities and law enforcement agencies to find and stop the shipment of counterfeit goods.
Thousands of counterfeit websites advertise their fake UGG products using wording such as “cheap uggs,” “discount uggs,” or “uggs on sale.” Online auction and forums are also common outlets counterfeiters use to sell fake products. Offline, counterfeiters may host tables at flea markets or on city streets in the hope of duping unsuspecting customers into purchasing fake products.The simplest way for consumers to guarantee their purchase is authentic is to check the list of UGG authorized storesand authorized online retailers. These are comprehensive lists of official UGG retailers, both online and nationwide, whom consumers can trust to provide genuine product. Additionally, every authentic UGG product comes with a security feature contained in a reflective security label sewn into the left shoe or boot and/or security sticker on the shoebox, allowing instant authentication of genuine products.

For a visual reference, UGG has compiled an online gallery highlighting authentic and counterfeit product side-by-side, pointing out the differences and calling out tips on recognizing real versus fake UGG products.UGG has taken legal action against 60,000 websites selling counterfeit UGG products. Between 2011-2013 law enforcement has globally seized 928,244 counterfeit UGG brand products. The UGG brand has taken down 56,527counterfeit listings and removed 10,910 counterfeit sellers from online auction sites.